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200 Research Parkway
Meriden, CT, 06450

(860) 874-8100 or (203) 984-7543

The Arc Connecticut is an advocacy organization committed to protecting the rights of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and to promoting opportunities for their full inclusion in the life of their communities.

Associate Members


Futures, Inc 
902 South Quaker Ln
West Hartford, CT 06110

Pam DonAroma
Executive Director 
P: 860.347.5099
F: 860.343.1652 

Associate Members


Futures, Inc.

Futures, Inc. is a unique training and mentoring program that provides customized support services to help individuals with disabilities enjoy living, growing, and prospering within their own communities all around the state of Connecticut. 

Using a person-centered approach and a home-based philosophy, Directions' highly trained and caring professionals design programs to fit the specific needs of each individual. 


Employment Services
Independent living skills training 
Encouragement to get involved in community activities 
Brain injury support services 
Fiscal intermediary services 
Day Services 
Self-Advocacy Employment Services
School to Work Transition Program 
Community Inclusion Program 
Case Management 
Independent Evaluations
Consulting and Training
Counseling Services
NCLB Tutoring
Private Educational Tutoring. 


Futures, Inc. offers its services to residents of all 169 towns and 21 cities in Connecticut. 


57 North Street, Suite 223B Danbury, CT 06810

Christina Calabro
Executive Director 
P: 203-792-3540 



WeCAHR is a non-profit advocacy organization serving Danbury and surrounding towns since 1977.

We advocate for the civil and hu- man rights of people with disabilities. Through a close partnership with families, we work to create and promote personal success, independence and community involvement for children and adults with disabilities.

It is our mission to partner with families to ensure your success.


Special Education Advocacy:

  • Advising families on the complex special education laws and their rights.

  • Facilitating Parent Trainings on the Special Education process.

  • Reviewing school files, evaluations and educational history.

  • Listening to your unique situation and offering support.

  • Attending PPT meetings.

Adult Advocacy:

  • Housing Issues

  • Applying for Disability Insurance & the Appeal process

  • Transportation concerns

  • Conservatorship Information

  • Transition from school to adulthood

Towns Served